“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”

In ancient days the oily Balm of Gilead, known as Balsam, was regularly and generously applied for its remarkable medicinal powers.  This ancient knowledge of health and healing has been lost in our fast paced 21st century. 

The Balsam Institute for Healing is revitalizing the idea of self healing by incorporating scientific, evidence based functional medicine practices with ancient knowledge to restore health and wholeness.  

We believe the body can heal itself if given the right resources.  The knowledge, therapies and treatments we offer can be applied like a healing balm to restore wellness to your body, mind and spirit.

The Holistic Approach of
Functional Integrative Medicine
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Let Me Tell You my Story

My name is Andra Hall.  I never thought my life would take this turn.  The turn into Functional Medicine I mean.  I was given the opportunity several years ago to pursue a life long dream and I became a Physician Assistant.  I worked in Midland at an Internal Medicine office, and..



During my walk with The Balsam Institute I have been healed from the morning stiffness in my joints, exhaustion in the evening and the chronic pain in my stomach.   I also recognize foods that cause inflammation in my joints!


After following the protocol at The Balsam Institute, I have seen improvement in my brain fog and energy levels.  My anxiety has reduced and my “can-do” attitude has returned.  Additionally, after 6 months on the protocol, my hives are 90% gone and the chronic sinus infections and asthma have resolved.


My rosacea has almost completely resolved!Also, the dry scaly patches on my skin are gone!The sinus pain and inflammation that I struggled with for years?GONE!

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